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Junior Rods

Added: 08 Apr 2019  
Nutts Corner Raceway 2019 Saloon Stock Car Weekend
Full meeting highlights from Nutts Corner Raceway’s Saloon Stock Car Weekend on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April

Saloon Stock Cars - 2019 Irish Open Championship
Stock Rods - 2019 Yokohama Tyres Championship
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
1300 Stock Cars
Junior Rods
PLUS: Push Car Race

Saloon Stock Cars - 2019 Irish Masters
Stock Rods - 2019 Irish Open Championship
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars
Gp 2 Lightning Rods
Street Rods

Please Choose if you want a single day or full weekend when ordering

Price: 10/20

Added: 03 Sep 2012  
Ballymena Raceway - 1/9/12
Ballymena Raceway's 35th Anniversary meeting.
National Hot Rod British Championship
2.0 Hot Rods UK Masters
Gp 2 Lightning Rods
Saloon Stock Cars
Stock Rods
Junior Rods
and a trolley race

Price: 10.00

Added: 30 Aug 2012  
Ballymena Raceway - Speed Weekend
The Ballymena Raceway 2012 Speed Weekend featuring the Stock Rod World Championship.
Double DVD featuring Racing from Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August 2012
Stock Rods 2012 World Championship
Gp 2 Lightning Rods
Open Hot Rods (Friday only)
Junior Rods (Friday only)
BriSCA F2 Stock Cars (Saturday Only)
ORC Lightning Rods (Saturday only)

Price: 15.00



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